Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Yes! There are certain ways to take care of your hair

Most of us grew up knowing one thing:  Wash your hair and rinse it well. And really what else was there to know? Seems simple right? Wrong. There really is a correct way to take care of your hair as well as an incorrect way. I'll go through some of them below. Perhaps you'll change your ways after this tid bit of information.

First of all, your hair is not a garment that needs to be scrubbed. So ladies with long locks, if you are scrubbing your ends in your hands and making a nice mound of knots, Stop!!  The proper way to shampoo hair is to massage the scalp to remove any dirt, oil or dandruff. A nice gentle scrub with finger tips is sufficient. You may even need to do it twice and that's ok. But there is no need to scrub the ends like you are starting a fire. This creates nothing but knots and has no benefit at all. Truth is that the chemicals in the shampoo are designed to remove and take away any dirt and oils. They essentially have a head and a tail. The head grabs it and the tail takes it away.  More than 99% of the hair products and air borne odors are water soluble which means that a stringent shampoo nor a good scrubbing is necessary these days. By using your fingers as a large comb, run your fingers with the lather down through the ends. Voila, clean hair with out additional knots or issues of breakage.

Secondly, you'll likely condition after a shampoo.  Most of us need to and choose to do immediately after the shampoo and in before our other Shower time chores. If you have shampooed as mentioned above, you'll be ready to condition your ends. I like to say, "From the pony tail down".  Why? Because it's likely that your first few inches of hair from your scalp are fairly healthy and haven't been subject to as much damage, if any at all, from any chemical services or sun/chlorine.
After putting the conditioner directly to your ends down, you can then apply the residual conditioner from your hands on to the scalp area if needed.  Wait the duration of time recommended and there you have it. So that's it then? No not at all. On to the next steps.

After you ready to towel dry your hair, you may want to take heed and remember, Your hair is not a sponge nor are you drying off a pooch!  You want to gently pat your hair dry, but again don't rub it like you're trying to put out a fire.  So many do this and now is probably the worst time to do that. Hair can stretch up to 75% or more of it's length at this time. Pulling and twist and yanking is about the worst thing you can do, especially to more fragile hair types. Gently pat your hair dry but leave it in it's state.

Most think, ok, I know what to do now. Grab my brush or comb and get any tangles out, right ? Nope, not yet!  What you do at this step will greatly improve your hairs luster and shine and its manageability.  I highly recommend some type of Moroccan oil, serum or other natural oil to the ends; the pony tail down.  These products restore and protect the hair from damage caused by hot tools and natural elements. If you have not tried this step, I recommend you try 2-4 pumps or drops of oil each time. I have med-fine hair and med-light density and I put 4 pumps of Moroccan oil daily. You will experiment to find your balance.
Moroccan Oil Products

Ok, now you're good! You grab that comb and start combing.  Seems logical. Yes, intuitive actually. But there is a proper way to comb medium to long hair. Hold the hair as if a pony tail and start combing from the ends up. Yes, from the ends up. If you have a knot, it will come out easier if you start from the bottom. Plus, by holding the hair in a pony tail, securely, you can comb well without much pain at the scalp. This is especially helpful if you are combing someone else's hair.

I bet now with each shampoo and conditioner, towel dry and comb through, you'll notice a difference as well as get a chuckle. I have heard, "I never knew this information" more times than I can tell you. But one thing I know:  It does make a huge difference.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Find your beautiful you

It has been said, When you look good You feel good. And if you think about it long enough, you can agree. Remember when you bought that knock down gorgeous dress? You smirked, twirled, checked yourself out again and happily went up to the counter with your dress ready to pay whatever they say. Why? Because when you look good you feel good.  And forget about it when you find that perfect right shade of lipstick or the color hair you just know is for you. Maybe you graduated a program or made a milestone and think, Man! I really did it. I feel so good in which they may be your inner glow and pride being the looking good part.  What if you adopted a healthy eating plan and exercise routine that gave you confidence to strut your stuff?

Well, let's take this thought process up a notch. You have your favorite dress, your favorite lipstick, your favorite hairstyle; what can you do to capture that feeling? Have a photo shoot of course.
We all see the gorgeous lovelies in our favorite magazines, catalogs, tv shows and movie stars. Maybe you don't want to be those gals but maybe you think, "hey, I'd like to try that". And maybe you just don't know where to start or how it works.  Maybe you think you look great but not quite sure about having pictures made. I'd like to share a little bit about how it works and mostly why I think it's a good idea to try.

In my opinion, no one shall love you more than you can love yourself.  Beauty is merely only skin deep but it does add to how we feel about ourselves. Outside appearance is only one portion of who we are. But we are made up of so many other parts; spiritual, mental, emotional and intellectual.  When you love yourself, you tend to be open to vulnerability and open to embracing yourself; warts and all. After all, not many women are perfect however we are all beautiful. You can always find something about yourself to embrace and cherish.

So, if your hair is rocking, be proud and feel good. If you've got great lips, great eyelashes, toned biceps  feel proud, love it, own it. As a hairstylist, makeup artist, photographer, designer, crafter and other things geared toward empowering women, I encourage you to find your beautiful you. Not only do I encourage you, I will support you  as you discover your beautiful you.

Here's a story to share:
I met a young lady when she was 18. We cut and colored her hair, applied makeup, dressed her up and had a photo shoot. She was beautiful inside and out. About 5-6 years later, we did the same thing.  All dressed up, hairstyled, makeup applied, beautiful garments and accessories to enhance. After the shoot I edited the photos.  After I revealed the photos to her, I asked her " How did you enjoy the shoot? Are you happy with the photos you received?"  Her response was, "More than I thought possible!  I've been told so many times that I'm so pretty but I have literally never believed it until today. You have single-handedly changed the perception I had of myself."
Wow!! I never in a million years would have guessed this. She is young gorgeous, full of life, open, happy, sweet and honest. I can't imagine that she would be so unaware.

My goal in all I do is to help women find their beautiful. As a hairdresser, I take pride in giving good service that includes hair color, hair cut, etc. As a makeup artist, I am so incredibly close to your face that I get to objectively look at you AND enhance your beauty. As a photographer, I'm looking to pose you and guide your expression and encourage your own personality to shine through to the final edits.
If your looking to Feel Good Because You Look Good moment, contact PamPerry for a phone or skype consultation. Go to www.pamperrystudio.com to find 2 windows you can choose to enter photography site or hair site.
We are located in Cary, NC.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New location for PamPerryStudio

Opening your own hair salon has many perks!  Opening your own Salon with an attached Photo Studio Is one of them!!

In September 2014, we opened PamPerryStudio, a combination Boutique Style hair salon and photo studio. After much to do with Town Hall, permits, rules, regulations and contractors, we got the doors open. We started planning and got things rolling by June of that year. Lot's of decorating, painting, crying, laughing and pure hard work was in order and by golly, we did it!!

Many of you may know that I had a small studio on the other side of town from where I ran my hair business from. It served it's purpose for me to do my fashion and Hair styling photo shoots. With lots of equipment, jewlery, props, clothes and a makeup station, that little studio produced a lot of really cool work.

But with careful consideration and encouragement from Tim, we set out to find a new space that could have both Hair and Photography services.  It's not an easy thing to decide or take on, but I'm glad we did it. Now I have the space I always wanted. Well, of course I want more space now, but I'll hang on to that idea for a while!! 
So, for 2015 we are marketing, blogging, meeting, greeting, advertising for our photography side of things. After some time and consideration, it's apparent to me that I love shooting High School Seniors!  They are so fashionable and fun!  And it's quite pleasing to see them all excited about the shoot and how much fun they have at them. So, here's to 2015 and I hope to keep you all updated on the happiness that will go on inside PamPerryStudio!!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Raleigh Wedding Hair: Half Up and Half Down

Every bride wants to look her best for her special day. There are many choices that day for hair, makeup and the dress never mind the jewelry and shoes!!  But for hair, it comes down to what suits you, what makes you feel beautiful and what makes you feel like You!  Some gals want to look just like they do every day, just enhanced and some want to look like a Princess in a fairy tale. Either way, if it's your idea, then it's the best idea. You have to look back at the photos and say, Hey, look at me! I was beautiful that day.

One of the biggest deals for the Brides look on her wedding day is:  Hair!  Do you want it all up, curly, smooth, half up and half down, or over to the side?  One Wedding day favorite is:  Half up and Half down.  Why? Because it lends itself to Femininity with softness. Because you can still drape hair on your shoulders, it has a softness that adds to the bare shoulders of a strapless dress.  And if you drape only one side, that lends itself to a bit of dare and drama.  It's popular because it looks good with a veil, without a veil, with a pin or a flower. It can be smooth or curly, pulled back tightly or loosely, full or flat!  Too many varieties of the half up and half down to not choose it for your special day.

Here are just 2 ways of the curly, half up and half down styles.
Front area left out for face framing
 Anyway you choose it, half up and half down up can't be wrong!

Almost all pulled back

Soft elegant curls

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hair Color Change-- Before/After

You know how we girls are.  We get tired of the same lipstick color, the same shoes, the same hair. So we want a change!! And what better change than your hair color! It is amazing what hair color can do for our complexion, our eye color and our self esteem. It can give us a "pep in our step" so to speak. Just ask this gal who came in to my studio for her change.
One of the best things to do is: Decide what kind of change you want and choose pix from magazines or the internet. Find a few because then you're sure that you're going with similar ideas. As we talked through a thorough consultation, I was ready to set on the course to changing her into this rich, reddish brown. Technically speaking, we had to fill her hair then tone the highlights after wards. It left her with shiny bouncy hair.
Have a few pix to share with your stylist of
what you're hoping for.

                                                                                                                                                                                       And the after pictures shows you how happy she is!

Happy Gal

After: Look how smiley!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Raleigh Wedding Professionals: Hair and Makeup

You spent time planning the ceremony and the reception. You have your food taste tested and the cake the perfect flavor of chocolate. Your D.J. is highly recommended as well as your photographer; her shots are your dreams shots.  Your flowers are the perfect shade of Pink with the perfect hint of green. Your bridesmaids dresses are the right length, with the perfect strap, the perfect fit for all included. You relied on all the professionals who do their jobs to lead you and guide you in the right direction so that your day can be picture perfect.  But wait? Who do you have to do your hair and makeup that day? 

This can be a daunting issue because Aunt Bea who has been cutting your hair since you're 12 is your only resource to do your hair for your wedding day. But, you cringe because you remember prom. All those big curls teased up on your head with all that hairspray. You know how badly your cried and how you tried so hard to pull those 50 bobby pins from your hair so that you could make it into something modern and fun.  You really don't know anyone else so you feel trapped! Or how about your sister who got married last year. You all went to her hairstylist and she didn't even really like doing updo's. You had to do your own hair because she ran out of time for it seemed she didn't know how to do them never mind like doing them. And her sister, the want to be makeup artist, decided she'd try out this wedding makeup thing that day. Hmmm. Doesn't sound like it was a good choice.

Wedding Hair and Makeup
PamPerryHair.com Raleigh NC
Well, what do you do then? Just like how a venue is chosen, a dj is selected, and a photographer is hired, you do the same:  Search for Professional Wedding Hair and Makeup Professionals in your area or ask for a referral from any vendor. They likely have worked with many Professionals and have seen their work first hand.  Then with your referrals, check out their work on line. A seasoned pro will have a vast website portfolio proudly displaying their handy work. It is amazing what a difference it is to use someone who does specialize in Wedding Hair and Makeup.


Shoulder length hair

Whether you want to wear hair up or down, or wear makeup light or "Dance club ready". A seasoned pro will have the ability to give you what you what in a timely manner and with skill. As a specialist, they have practiced many styles and executed them on many a bride and bridesmaid.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Vidal Sasoon Experience

All my life, my hairdresser life that is, I've wanted to go to the Vidal Sassoon Academy. Back in the 90's, it was definitely the thing to do. Every graduate from Beauty Academy knew at that time how famous and important of a man Vidal really was. He was the pioneer of modern hairdressing and precision haircutting. He made my career the exciting and added new twists and turns to the profession I was entering. I knew I had to get there, by hook or by crook!!

After many years of assisting, working behind the chair, taking classes, attending hair shows, studying Vidal from books and tapes (yes, good old VHS) and practicing on countless manniquen heads and anyone who would let me try, I grasped the concept of Precision Haircutting. Thankfully I also worked in Salons where their intention was to make you a precision haircutter by training you on days and times off. Since my brain works with shapes and geometry (that's how I play pool so well!), I began to understand the concepts. I was never a just-do-it gal; no I had to understand it as well. And anyone else like that knows how incredibly crazy we make ourselves trying to dive headlong into learning concepts!

Throughout the years though, you see this way of cutting and that way of cutting, this style of the year, that style is now out....so on and so on. So, you have to maintain your skill, your technique, your ambition and still continue to stay focused on what suits a client and what doesn't. You always have to look at your client as a real person who may or may not be able to wear an asymmetrical bob!  But I have to admit is so much fun when you find someone who would love to wear it! Anyway, you keep up with the times and the trends, but truly haircutting is the same just with tweaks.

I really started to see how the mind of another learner really worked when I started to teach beauty school part time. I started to see that my gift of explaining and bringing concepts to life easily was impacting the folks I was teaching. Because I don't believe enough time is truly spent on learning the concepts to haircutting while in beauty school, I did my very best to spend whatever time I had, to explain in detail and depth. It was while into my 14 month of teaching, I decided it was time to fulfill my dream.

 Now this was nearly 18 years later that I was going to attend the Vidal Sassoon Academy for 5 days of ABC Haircutting. I knew I had to do it though. You know when you get those strong feelings and you just have to? Well, I booked my class in Miami, flight, hotel and off I went. I was not unaware of the what I was in for but I also had no sure idea. I knew we had live models for 4 days and I knew the concepts of "The Sassoon Way" of haircutting. But was I ever surprised with the detailed, yet easy to understand concepts by the Educator Joseph S. He was very gifted in his straight forward manner and his amazing hands while cutting Demo Models for us. I knew that the time was right. I had such an amazing time. My point of going to Vidal was clear and I was satisfied.

I recommend anyone thinking of going to study the concepts of ABC's thoroughly and know them somewhat before you go. Work on clean sections and clean partings, know or be aware of your body position and hand position. Know the difference between graduation and layering, elevation and over direction. After all, this I what Haircutting truly is about. Thank you Vidal Sassoon.